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Horse photographer Ireland- Showjumping photos in Newtownards Northern Ireland

Ireland Horse photography Equine Photographers Ni Riain

It was a beautiful day in Newtownards Northern Ireland when I photographed this showjumper and her horse. The area around her home was very picturesque with lovely old trees in the paddock.

When I arrive at a shoot, before I ever start taking photos I not only have to introduce myself to the people involved but also the horse. That time is the key to relaxed portraits. I then walk around the areas and study the light and decide both the angles and composition.

Ireland th ehorse photographers Ni Riain Equine Photography

I really enjoyed balancing the studio lights with the available lights in the full lenght photo. The air was so pure the bark of the old tress was covered in lichen, I very subtly rake lit the bark, with out this the bark would have gone dark and their true beauty would have been lost.

Ireland Horse photographers Ni Riain Equine PhotographyNikki’s inner beauty radiates from her and was very easy to capture. Her parents were fantastic assistants on the shoot and made the morning so relaxed and hospitable. When I look back on the Summer of 2013 this morning will hold a special place

Ireland Horse photos Equine Photographer  Ni Riain Photogaphy